Katharinas 2nd review Australia - Eastcoast, Syd, Mel, Adelaide, Coober Pedy, Red Center and Tassy
geschrieben von Katharina (4. Mai 2009)

Eastcoast back to Sydney - Melbourne - Adelaide - Coober Pedy - the red Center - back to Sydney - Tasmania

Sorry to all our English speaking friends for this long break, but now finally i´ve made it to summarize our last 2 month in Australia.
After we left Bundaburg our next stop was Tin Can Bay where we could feed a wild dolphin in the morning. Since 50 years almost every morning the dolphins show up at the harbour because once there was an injured dolphin rescued by the community. Now they (between one and a group of them) show up to get a snack from tourists who feed them. Dolphins need up to 30kg fish every day and they feed them maximum 3kg there. I don’t know what the fascination is about this animals but it was fantastic standing in the kneedeep water and feed fish to this wild animal. Then we headed over to Rainbow beach, this little village was the starting point of our fraser island experience. After we sorted out all the possibilties of tours or renting a 4wd, we decided to book a tour for 2 days with a group of only 14 people.
The tour started on monday and we arrived on saturday, so we had still 1,5 days left to relax at the beach and to enjoy the view from the carlo sandblow, a 120m high dune on the hill overlooking the scenery. Monday 9am we met our tour guide Neil and 9 other people who spent the following 2 days with us. After arriving on fraser island with the ferry, they told us some facts about: it is a gigantic sandbar 120km by 15km and it is said, that there is more sand than in the desert sahara. You find rainforest and more than 100 freshwater lakes, sanddunes and of course the famous 75 mile beach.
It is a pity that you are not allowed to swim in the ocean because of the jelly fish and sharks in that area.
Within the two days we saw lake mckenzie, eli creek where we could swim downstream in cold and really refreshing water, indian head - the best viewing point of the island, we stopped at the maheno ship wreck, at cental station - the middle of the island, we did one of the walks through the rainforest and johannes flew with a little plane holding up to 8 persons over the island spotting sharks and big turtels, starting and landing on the beach.
I really liked Fraser Island a lot, especially because we had really good weather. The same evening we made it to a little village called Eumundi and celabrated johannes birthday there. We went out to dinner and had a really nice evening. Next morning there was the famous market and we strolled around for about three hours.
Later that day we arrived in mount tamborine just 45km northwest of gold coast, its a 552m high plateau, where we visited an artificial glowwormcave, wich only excist here and newzealand.
We found a very nice lookout and decided to stay there for the night, I was cooking as suddenly a car showed up and the guy said something I did not understand so Johannes walked over and told me that he asked if we wanted to be introduced to one of the locals and then he showed us the 2,5 m python he just catched at one of the houses in the village. Yes it was the snake handler and he told us he had not seen a venemous snake here for a long time, something about 3 weeks. Even though i am so afraid of snakes we stayed there but we watched our steps especially carefully.
Next day after a nice walk in the national park we drove to the wet’n'wild waterpark. That was a lot of fun, loads of slippery rides and swimming pools . We spent the whole day there and had a really good time.
On the same day we arrived at lamington nationalpark where we went to bed very early and when we woke up we saw a lot of wild wallabies and parrots sitting around our car and having breakfast. Even though it was raining we still did the so called tree top walk and walked on a series of rope and plank suspension bridges in the edge of trees around 30 meters high. Afterwards we decided to leave again because of the rain and visited again Paul and Lea in byron bay for another two days. Also thanks to adam, pauls brother and his wife louisa who also invited us for a bbq on valentines day. On the way to sydney we stopped in coffs harbour at the big banana, visited the prison and the lighthouse at southwest rocks and went to the movies in newcastle (he is just not that into you).
Back in sydney we could stay with fliss again and we met alain and verena (friends from Austria). With them we spent two really awesome days on the beach, had great conversations, dinner and some drinks while going out at the rocks. It was great to see them during their 3 week trip to Oz and i am really happy it worked out. With fliss i went to the movies again and watched “slumdog millionaire” - a movie i can really recommend, especiallly after having been in india recently. We had a nice dinner with her friends and went out for breakfast twice.
On sunday afternoon we went to the blue mountains. The blue haze which gave the mountains their name results of the ultra fine oily mist given off by eucalyptus trees. In glenbroke where we cooked dinner we met a couple from belgium (josephine and frederic) they travel for a year within australia. We also spent the next day with them exploring the elisabeth lookout in glenbrook,wenthworth falls, gordon lookout in leura and then we drove the scenic road to katoomba where we had a good view at the rock formation three sisters.
At scenic world which includes a railway, skyway and flyway with breathtaking views we decided to watch the movie “the edge” a ducumentary film about the blue mountains at the Imax theatre, to end the day.
After finding a place to cook and to sleep we met Danie and Michael, another couple from austria.
So we decided (the six of us) to drive to blackheath the next day and walk through the grand canyon there. It was a beautiful and interesting walk and in the evening we had another nice dinner together. The next day we all headed in different directions to continue our journey. We drove down south stopped in Wollongong at Nan Tien, the biggest buddhist tempel of the southern hemisphere, saw our first fascinating blowhole in Kiama, Johannes visited the Fleet air arm museum in nowra and we bought cheese in the Bega cheese factory.
Since in Victoria the landscape was much dryer than in queensland or new south wales and it looked like it has not been raining for a while.
In Geelong, not far from Melbourne we met our friend Tegan again and visited the international cultural festival with her. Different nations presented themselves with selling traditional food in their cultural dresses. It was a very nice day and a lot of fun seeing Tegan again.
Next day in Melbourne we met Aglae and Phillip with their newborn daughter Isabelle. Again we had another home far away from home for some days. We used these days to discover melbourne, wandered around queen victoria market, took the city circle tram to get an impression of the city, took the lift up to the top fo eureka tower and got a good overview.
We also met Tegan again for a very good dinner. It was so good to see you again and hopefully you come to visit us soon in Austria. One of these days we spent on Philipp Island where we had two awesome experiences. The first was a boat tour to a seal colony with thousands of seals. The closer we came the better we saw and smelled them. They were everywhere in the water around the boat, on the rocks where they slept or in the rock pools where they young played. It was fantastic to watch them in their natur surrounding.
The second thing was the pinguine parade in the evening. As soon as the sun went down there were hundreds of pinguins coming out of the water. They were so cute and little and walked with their full tummies (full from fishing) back to their places in the dunes. After hours of waiting and watching we finally had to go. It was awesome.
I wish we would have had two or three more days in and around Melbourne but we had to go on and took the Great Ocean Road torwards Adelaide. The wheather was not the best, but when we saw koalas in the wild sitting in the trees, wet from the rain, that was totally forgotten. We discovered at least 10 to 20 koalas and made some really cool pictures. Then of course we drove along this scenic route and enjoyed the wonderful scenery, stopped at the twelve apostel rocks where Johannes even made a helicopter flight to see them from above. Along the way we saw the so called petrified forest (a stone formation) in cape bridgewater were impressed by the massive waves that hit the cliffs and another blowhole.
Entering South Australia we stopped in Mt. Gambier with its two lakes. One of them is the well known blue lake that is really a beautiful blue colour even when it is cloudy.
The weekend we came to Adelaide, there were two festivals and we spent the evening looking at street artists (some of them were really good and funny) at the FRINGE festival. The next day we used for sightseeing, relaxing, shopping and Internet.
Near the beach, where we stayed overnight with our car, we met a swiss and a belgian couple and had fun drinking and talking about traveling. The next stop after Adelaide was already in the outback. After two days driving we arrived in coober pedy. It was really cool, we stayed at a camp ground where you sleep with your tent in a dougout underneath the ground. Because of the hot temperatures up to 50 degree Celcius most homes, hotels, museums, churches and even the bookshops are underneath the ground.
The reason why people came to coober pedy was searching for opal. Of course only a few of them were really successful but still people are trying their luck. When we heard about an austrian living there as well we had to visit him of course to ask him about his live. He even showed us his home and it was a really interesting conversation.
After another 761 km we arrived at Kings canyon in the late afternoon. In the morning we did the Kings canyon walk and it was beautiful, despite thousands of flies (we where happy that we already bought our fly nets) and pretty hot sun. Arround midday we left and saw ayers rock/uluru for the first time.
It is faszinating although you know the rock from so many pictures and of course it is one of the main attractions in australia … but in the end for me it is only a rock. We decided to walk around uluru, it is a 10km walk but because of the heat I only managed to walk half way and johannes had to walk the 2nd other half alone. Then of course we watched sunset and the sunrise and Johannes made a lot of pictures. After sunrise we went on to the Olgas, another big rock formation where we did another walk, before leaving the red center torwards alice springs.
In the camp ground we met two really nice couples from denmark and the netherlands. In alice springs we visited the school of the air, the royal flying doctor service, desert park, walked and drove around the city. we were both very impressed by the school of the air, how they teach 130 children (age 4 - 12) between 700 and 2000 km away over the internet (in earlier days over radio) and how it works out. Really amazing.
I also felt the same way about the flying doctors, they provide the medical help for the people in the outback. For me it is very hard to imagine living in the outback, in de middle of nowhwere and nothing where your closest neigbour is probably hundreds of kilometres away.

Our plan to leave alice spings torwards sydney so early that we still have enough time to see some things on the way didn’t work out because on saturday afternoon just before we wanted to leave, johannes discovered that the inside of our front tyres where completely driven down to the wire. Of course we couldn’t find anyone who makes a wheel aliment and change 2 tyres on saturday afternoon. So we had to spent 2 extra nights in alice springs. On monday morning we have got everything fixed and had 3 days and about 3000 km left to get back to sydney.
Everone can imagine what it feels like … getting up early, breakfast in the car while driving and stops only for refueling or the toilet.
But at least we made these three days safe and alive. But everything hurt from sitting in the car.
In sydney fliss and her parents again offered us a home away from home and we had a really good time (went to the sydney opera, partyed with fliss and her friends, went to the beach, saw a movie, brought back our spaceship …)
And then we had to say good bye, what always is the hard part but we know that we will see some of these people again. So we left for our last 12 days to tasmania, where we picked up our 3rd spaceship named thunder bolt and left hobart, the capital city of tasmania.
First we stopped at the shot tower where they used to make bullets in earlier days. From the top of the tower we had a nice view over hobart and its landscape. Then we drove near Hartz mountains Nationalpark where we made a tree tolp walk (40 meters above the ground), walked over swinging bridges and I even did the eagle hang gliding over the huon river. That was a lot of fun. In the afternoon we did the walk up to hartz peak which was recommend by fliss’ mum. We enjoyed it very much, walking up to 1250m and despite the autumn temperature johannes jumped into a cold lake on the way back. For me the water was way to cold and the sun was not shining either. The next day we drove through southpoint and ida bay and reached the southern most point in australia and tassy of course.
A really beautiful spot and i would love to come back and spend more time there. But we had to leave and took the ferry from kettering to bruny island. There we tried to see pinguins but they did not show up and it was too windy, cold and dark to wait longer. During the day we discovered the island and in the afternoon we headed back to mainland tassy and drove all the way to port arthur where we booked a boat tour around the tasman peninsula. We had perfect wheather, the best seats on the boat and saw seals, birds, dolphins, fisherman with their prey and the amazing landscape from the water, all the cliffs and stone formations. Afterwards we visited the former prison at port athur. It gave us a good view of the life of the people whether they were convicts, police officers or settlers. It was closed 1877 and today everyone can visit the remaining parts of the buildings.
At the tasman devil conservation park we saw some little tasman devils. These animals look like something between dog, cat and little bears. They only exist in tassy.
Later that day we arrived at freycinet nationalpark and on the next morning we did a beautiful walk, saw dolphins swiming at wineglassbay and had amazing views at the scenery.
On the way back to hobart we saw some litte towns like ross, campbell, oatland and richmond where we walked through, made some pictures of the oldest bridge of tassy or some cute churches. On the day we had to return our spaceship we drove to hobart and stopped at mount wellington, had a look over the city and made a short walk before we checked in at our hostel. The same night we met josephine and frederik again, the couple we have already met in the blue mountains and also Ellen one of-the girls we got stuck in queenslands outback in january. We spent a nice evening with them and did some sightseeing together before we had to leave tasmania and australia for good.

Final thoughts: the infrastructure for travellers with or without campervan all over Australia is really good. You will find clean public toilets sometimes showers, free bbq facilities with tables everywhere in the whole country. In every village there is a libary where they provide internet and most of the times it is for free.
We really want to come back and see the rest of this beautiful and amazing country.

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Gloria und Leuchtglobus am 4. Mai 2009 um 13:08

Schön, nochmal ein zusammenfassendes Update von Australien II und Tasmanien zu kriegen! Auch wenn oder gerade weil Ihr jetzt schon wieder ganz woanders seid. Ich freue mich schon auf die nächsten Berichte, bin jetzt schon ganz auf Südamerika gepolt (der Leuchtglobus auch… ;) )
Liebe Grüße und weiterhin alles Gute!!!

Veronika am 4. Mai 2009 um 18:13

Hallo nochmal!
Na so kurz hintereinander erwartet ihr euch das nicht von mir oder? Is komisch is aber so…
Wie ist denn das jetzt eigentlich mit dem Bjoernsn? Kommt der mit mit euch oder nicht? Ich hoffe doch sehr denn ich kann mir vorstellen wie sehr ihr das geniessen wuerdet!! und ihm taet es auch nicht schlecht denk ich mal!! Tritt deinem kleinem Bruder mal ins unter Ende vom Ruecken…

Viel Spass beim weiterplanen und weiterreisen. Gruesst mir Chile, freu mich schon auf neue Berichte und Bilder!!!!


kleine Schwester am 4. Mai 2009 um 18:15

Na so kurz hintereinander erwartet ihr euch das nicht von mir oder? Is komisch is aber so…
Wie ist denn das jetzt eigentlich mit dem Bjoernsn? Kommt der mit mit euch oder nicht? Ich hoffe doch sehr denn ich kann mir vorstellen wie sehr ihr das geniessen wuerdet!! und ihm taet es auch nicht schlecht denk ich mal!! Tritt deinem kleinem Bruder mal ins unter Ende vom Ruecken…

Viel Spass beim weiterplanen und weiterreisen. Gruesst mir Chile, freu mich schon auf neue Berichte und Bilder!!!!


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