Singapur, Kuala Lumpur & Bali - Katharina’s review in english
geschrieben von Katharina (3. Februar 2009)

again we had to say good bye, this time to the 5 foxes in Bangkok and also to my friend martina who flew back to Austria. Of course a good bye needs farewell party, so that’s what we did the night before we left. I  can tell you the combination between playing jackpot (drinking game) and the next day flying was not that great. But if you can drink, you can …

Well after we survived that and arrived in Singapore we checked in, in our max. 5 square meter big room without a window but with plastic bedsheets. We did not care and slept for 13 hours. We really needed that portion of sleep. ;-)
The next day we went with a hopp on hopp off bus and tried to get a good overview of the city. At lunch time we were at a chinese restaurant and had a kind of “fondue” there. Strange but interesting. Then we have got our bustickets to go to Kuala Lumpur.
After we arrived there and found our hotel we discovered that we had a bigger and nicer room this time. Again we took a hopp on hopp off bus for the first overview of Kuala Lumpur. The petronas twin towers and the KL tower helped us to give us a better view “over” the city.
I have to admit that we have only got a superficial impression of both cities because we only had one day in each of them, after extending our stay in  Bangkok. But anyway, we have to come back then I guess.

Next day, departure to Bali, Indonesia where we were supposed to meet my mum and peter (my mums husband), to spend christmas together. We have been in the metro almost on the way to the airport when we received a short message from peter with the following info: ” got stuck in Bangkok because my mums passport is only valid less than 6 months anymore” I can tell you - I was devastated. I am glad Johannes always stays calm and despite that we headed off to the airport. There we went to the air asia counter and right before we booked a flight back to Bangkok, peter called and told us they will get “an emergency passport, visa for Indonesia and a flight to Bali” within the next 4 days. So we flew to Bali and waited in our hotel (this time the place we stayed in is definiteley worth beeing called hotel). It is a very nice place located directly at a golden sandbeach, with beautiful rooms, in a very green garden and good food. When they finally made it, we had great dinner, ate very good fish, enjoyed massages on the beach and spent a great mother-daughter time together. Christmas was very special but also a little bit weird being at the beach and having it warm. To do some sightseeing as well, we spent the last 5 days of our stay in ubud, a village in the countryside where we stayed with Marina (she is austrian) and Yan (her balinese husband) in their beautiful guesthouse. It is a place I can definiteley recommend, because it is like a home away from home. If anyone needs their contact please let me know. They invited us for dinner on christmasday with original austrian food (fritattensuppe, knödel and schweinsbraten). Who of you ever had that before - in Bali?  ;-)
We walked through the ricefields, saw the original balinese house of our guide Kung (really interesting), had fresh coconutmilk from a coconut picked from the tree right in front of us and saw the traditional kecak dance. Of course we saw some important tempels as well. One day before new yearseve our time with my mum and peter was over and we had to say good bye again what was really hard. Thanks for the nice time and fun we had with you.

2 days, 4 countries and 2 continents later, we reached the next destination - Australia.

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Dieter am 3. Februar 2009 um 11:58

Danke Katharina,
so frische ich mein Englisch wenigsten´s wieder auf ;-)
Bussl nach Australien ? - oder wo seid Ihr gerade ?


Vanessa am 3. Februar 2009 um 17:33

Hellööööööö, habe mich lange nicht gemeldet, sorry about that. Habe Euch zwar “verfolgt”, aber immer nur ganz geschwind, weil ich ständig unterbrochen wurde. Jetzt habe ich mal in aller Ruhe alle Fotos angesehen und habe mich durch Eure Eintragungen gelesen. Habe tw bei den Fotos echt lachen müssen (Bali: schau mal blöd, naa, net soo blöd! oder Australien im Zoo: die grüne Schlange) herrlich ist das.
Die Fotos sind übrigens super (also nicht nur die 2 erwähnten). Das ist echt eine Freude durchzuklicken.
Irre, dass ihr jetzt schon 5 Monate unterwegs seid. Unglaublich!
Bei uns ist es übrigens noch winterlich kalt und es scheint, dass es noch ein Zeiterl so bleibt.
Gute Reise weiterhin, I will be watching you…Busserl, Vanessa

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